The Tydes

The Newsletter of the Barony

The Chronicler publishes The Tydes, the official newsletter of the barony which comes out near the first of each quarter. The Tydes prints various articles and artworks of interest to Lyondemere and the SCA. These might include research reports, “how-to” articles, period artwork or writings, original artwork or writings (with a period theme), SCA and Lyondemere news, officer reports, official notices, and minutes of the previous baronial council meeting.

The Tydes is a free electronic newsletter, published as PDF. You can sign up by going to:

…and clicking on “Join This Group” or sending an email to If for some reason you can not access the files, please contact the Chronicler by emailing

The Tydes is also posted on our website: Category: Tydes.

Submissions to the Newsletter

The submission guide for The Tydes is an attempt to balance easy submission for you, with the time that the Chronicler has available to work on the newsletter. If you have any special requirments that fall outside these guidelines, please contact the Chronicler to discuss. Submissions are due ON or BEFORE the 25th of the month before publication, for the following quarter’s publication.


You can use almost any electronic format to submit text. You can type a direct email or send a standard word processing document. For graphic files, please contact the Chronicler with questions:

Electronic submissions can be sent by email. Multiple files can be zipped before submission. You should receive confirmation of receipt for all submissions. If you haven’t heard from the Chronicler after a few days, feel free to phone. Electronic submissions should be sent to