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Medieval illustration of a person being rained on near a fire.

CANCELLED – Lyondemere Arts and Archery: March 11, 2023

From Event Steward: Lupus Baltis

Hello all, Unfortunately I have to inform you that tomorrow’s Art and Archery event has been cancelled. I was informed that there is some flooding at the site. Sorry to all the people that were planning to attend and those of you who were going to display their art and do demonstrations. We will keep you up to date on future dates that this event can happen again. Thank you all.

Medieval illustration of a person being rained on near a fire.
Image from abridged translation into Middle English of Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Fall of Princes, London, British Library, MS Harley 1766, f. 133r.

The original event description follows.

The Barony of Lyondemere is pleased to host our annual tournament to choose new champions in Archery, Crossbow, and Thrown Weapons. There will also be a display of Arts with demonstrations, workshops, and classes. Plus, thanks to anonymous benefactors’ the first ten people at the gate who are planning on bringing a display, doing a demo, or holding a workshop, will have their gate fee waved.
Lyondemere’s return to grand competition will be Saturday, March 11th , 2023 at Woodley Park archery range in Van Nuys. We invite you all to join us for thrilling competitions and to stand in awe at our talented artistry.


Along the theme of “Shoot ‘til You Drop,” competitions will run all day, including early-bird shoots before morning court. There will be novelty shoots, which you can do as many as you like–with only your highest score from each competition counting. Contests are currently planned for 20m, 30m, 40m, and a Clout competition at 100 yards. Top scores from each of the mini competitions will be eligible for the finals.

Crossbow and Thrown Weapons

It has been confirmed. There will be both Crossbow and Thrown Weapons competitions at this year’s tournament.


Join us to marvel at the artistry of Lyondemere. We will be celebrating the talents of artists throughout our land. Come display your art: finished or unfinished, pieces you want to show off, and projects you are proud of. Your display can be anything you wan to share, such as a bardic performance, dancing, or storytelling. There will be a People’s Choice for art, open to anyone; it’s not a competition but a fun way to celebrate your talent. Want to share your knowledge or learn to refine your growing talent? There will be classes and workshops! Show us how you mastered your art, how to dance, tell a story, or model how to perform in front of other. Please note that the site is DRY so no alcohol is permitted, alas. Teach us the tricks and short cuts you learned along the way. Classes and workshops are open to anyone (whatever skill level you are) who wants to share their experience with everyone.


 Woodley Park is at 6331 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406 in the Sepulveda Dam Basin Recreation Area, between Burbank Blvd and Victory Blvd. This is a dry site. Extra-long stakes are needed when putting up pavilions or pop-ups.


  • 8 AM – Site Opens
  • 10 AM – Opening Court / Announcements
  •  4 PM – Closing Court / Champions Announced
  •  5 PM – Site Closes

Site Fee

$20 Adult Event Registration, $15 Adult Member Discount Event Registration (with proof of membership). Children 16 and under are guests of the Barony. Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian. We regret to inform you that the site does not allow pets. Please bring cash or make checks payable to SCA, Inc./Barony of Lyondemere.

Event Steward: Lupus Baltis, artsnarchery@lyondemere.org  


Take your favorite route to the 405 and Burbank Blvd. From the 405 North: Exit at Burbank Blvd. and turn left toward Woodley. From the 405 South: Exit at Burbank Blvd. and turn right toward Woodley. At Woodley, turn right. Look for a sign that bears the legend “Japanese Gardens”. Turn right towards the gardens. Just before entering the gardens, turn right on the access road that traverses the park picnic grounds. Continue along this road until you reach the traffic circle. The Archery range is on the left, up the hill. Parking is limited near the range, but overflow parking is available alongside the range, behind the paved lot.

Arts and Archery 2019 – Feb 17

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Barony of Lyondemere is proud to host their annual tournament to choose Their Excellencies’ new champions of Archery and Arts & Sciences at Lyondemere Arts and Archery on Sunday, February 17, 2019 at Rancho Park Archery Range. All are welcome to participate in a fine day of archery, competition, and sharing of artistic endeavors.

Because we are a seafaring land, our themed shoots and activities will be centered around what else, the sea! Artists who desire to compete for our championship will be awarded extra points for providing objects related to the theme.

Throughout the day there will also be fun, hands-on arts demos.


Shoot till you drop! (Then shoot a little bit more.)

We’ll have fun with novelty shoots, which you can shoot as much as you want, with only your highest score counting. There will be sic different shoots going throughout the day, including some terrible monsters to shoot, as well as our current champion’s favorite seasonal (can you beat her highest score?). We’ll be using the 10m, 18m, and portable targets for variable distances on the 50m ranges.

There will be a special art shoot starting after lunch. To qualify, either the archer or their consort* must enter an art or science entry in a special art competition (*your consort may be your partner, a friend, sibling, an artist/scientist that you admire, or one you just met and decided to team up with).

Once the tournament ends, DON’T pack up yet! While the final scores are being tallied, come to the 18m range for the return of the beloved balloon melee! Every archer will get a balloon to pin to the target wall, representing their life on the melee field. Try to take out as many other archers balloon until someone gets yours. Who will be the last archer standing?

The finals will be a modified forester round, on a novelty target. The Baron has challenged our current champion to come up with something really difficult, will you be up for the challenge?


We will have a few options for you to show off your newest object d’art (and/or science)!

To enter Baronial Championship you will need one period object (any type, from functional to non, any period medium) and provide written documentation. Please send a brief description of your entries for arts champion, by January 15, to our minister of arts so she can arrange suitable judges for your work to the following email address: artsnscience@lyondemere.org. This is a great opportunity for those wanting feedback on their projects for Pentathlon to assist in honing your entries.

All ages welcome (there will be a youth category, judged separately). The Lyondemere Art and Science Champion is judged on a recent, completed in the past year (2018-2019) project, and is expected to be fully documented. Because the judging is to be “’blind” please do NOT put names or any other identifying marks on entries or documentation. Entrants will be given a number to identify their entry at List.

Archer/Consort Art championship — anyone vying for the archery baronial championship, and provides an art or science project (either from the archer or their consort), will be placed into a special shoot and their submission will be eligible to win a prize. These entries will be chosen by their Excellencies and all objects need to come in with no identifying marks on the item or documentation (if provided).

There will also be a People’s Choice Arts Competition for those who wish to display their skill, but do not have proper documentation, or do not wish to enter in the championship competition.

A donation breakfast and lunch will be available. Further details to be posted closer to the event.


  • 8 AM – Site opens
  • 9 AM – Lists and Archery Tournament opens
  • 10 AM – Opening Court
  • 12 PM – Lunch break & Final Call for all Arts and Science submissions for all competitions
  • 1 PM – Judging starts of A&S
  • 3:30 PM – (approx) Balloon melee and Finals
  • 4 PM – Closing Court
  • 5 PM – Site Closes


Rancho Park Archery Range 2551 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064. Carpooling is encouraged as parking is extremely limited.

Come in on the north most parking lot entry, it is marked with the Archery Range sign. Drive past the front lot to the back lot to find the range, but parking there is limited, and the lot by the street much larger.

Special Site Notes

Please note: No canopies are allowed, but we’ll have plenty of shade either under the trees or on the archery range.

Dogs are allowed on leashes.

BBQ Beach Bardic – Sun, Sept 23

BBQ Beach Bardic

Sunday, September 23 2-8 PM

Join us at Dockweiler Beach for a relaxing day of Bardic, potluck, and beach fun! We welcome all to come socialize, share a dish, chat, play in the waves, and enjoy bardic performances.

Hosted by: Sensei Asakura Machime and THLady Avicia de NA Baiona

Location: Dockweiler Beach, 12001 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293