Polling Letter for Cassandre and Anabel

Below you can find the polling letter for Cassandre and Anabel.

This PDF allows you to complete the fields electronically and then submit. In the “Additional Comments” field, you can type as much as you like, but only what fits within the box will display when printed. If you need more room, you can attach a separate note before mailing your poll response.

Please return before June 30, 2018 via mail, email, or private message to:

  • Master Christian de Guerre
    Christian Steen
    14583 Mission St.
    Hesperia, CA 92345
  • Or submit via email to seneschal@sca-caid.org

Thank you, Magistra Claudia Prima, Seneschal of Lyondemere

Download the Polling Letter for Cassandre and Anabel