Official Poll for New Heirs of Lyondemere



Unto all good citizens of Lyondemere does Baron Guillem and Baroness Arwen of Lyondemere send greetings.

We have announced our intentions in stepping down as your Baron and Baroness at Lyondemere Anniversary, on June 25, 2023. Sir Gareth Somerset and THL Alatiel de Beaumont of Reading-wood have stepped forward and volunteered to serve as your next Baron and Baroness. A polling of the populace is required to advise the Crown on the will of the members of the barony. This polling is not a vote as the decision is solely the burden of the Crown of Caid. This polling is confidential.

You must have an active membership status with the SCA in order to participate and have your residence within the barony’s zip code in order to have your vote counted. Only one vote per member.

As a paying member of the SCA within the Barony of Lyondemere you are entitled to participate in this “vote of confidence.” Please mark “Yea” or “Nay.” You may add any comments you feel relevant to this process.  

This poll will run from February 10, 2023 until closing on March 10, 2023.