Welcome to the Barony of Lyondemere, the Kingdom of Caid, and to the Society for Creative Anachronism!

Who We Are

The Society for Creative Anachronism (the SCA) is part of the living history movement. SCA members have a hands-on approach to history, engaging in activities that help them explore the culture, arts, and sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  The ‘SCA Period’ encompasses pre-17th century.

The SCA is a non-profit education and research group.  We differ from most Renaissance Faires in that we are all active participants.  With a few exceptions, in the SCA, there are no spectators.

What We Do

We research and re-create arts, sciences, and martial activities of pre-17th century Europe and countries/cultures who had contact with Europe.  We provide venues and publications in which our knowledge can be shared with others.  What sort of activities does the SCA offer?  Here is a partial list.

  • Sewing (most people make their own clothing, aka garb)
  • Martial activities: Armored combat, Archery, and Rapier (medieval style fencing)
  • Cooking
  • Bardic arts (performance art): Singing, Playing instruments, Dancing, Song Writing, and Storytelling
  • Fiber Arts: Weaving, Embroidery, Knitting, Nalbinding (Viking single-needle knitting)
  • Calligraphy and Illumination
  • Leather work
  • Pewter casting
  • Armorsmithing (including chainmaille)
  • Equestrian

Many activities are adapted for children or depending on their age, children can participate in some activities.

Find out more about some of these activities:

Where Do We Do This?

Almost every local SCA group holds practices, classes, and guild (craft) meetings to learn and hone new skills. The things we learn and research are put into practice when we hold our regular activities (also called Events), re-creating what we can about the era.

Weekly practices are held in various areas. Check the Meetings and Practices page for a current list of practices for the Barony of Lyondemere. For more information, please contact the respective Marshall or the Chatelaine.

Event is a term for a gathering at which everyone dresses in garb based on styles worn in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Most events have a variety of cultures and countries represented! Events have many different formats: martial arts tournament (Tourney), display of artistic or science skills (Arts & Sciences), feast, royal court or a combination of some of these.  Usually, an event is a day-long Tourney.  Events that run from one weekend to two weeks where we camp are called a War.

During Spring and Summer, there are many tourneys scattered all over the Kingdom.  The Kingdom of Caid spans from the California/US border in the south up through parts of Central California in the north. It also includes Las Vegas and Hawaii. Please check the Kingdom Calendar for a list of the events and where they are.

The Calendar also lists information such as entrance fees, whether or not there will be food available for purchase at the event, whether dogs (non-service animals) are allowed, etc. On the Lyondemere website, you can find which events the Barony will be attending, called Baronial Progress.  For the listed events, the Barony will bring a Pavilion or day-shade under which the populace may gather.  Many people bring a chair and spend at least part of the day with their Barony. Some sit with their friends in other Baronies or guilds.  Friends may sit under trees together!

What Should You Bring to an Event

Sites typically open at 8 or 9 AM for set up and the event runs until 5 or 6 PM (including tear-down).  Bring things you would usually bring to a park or the beach: a chair, water, sunscreen, snacks, something to drink from (the Chatelaine can give you ideas on cups and plates), etc.  Depending on the event, you may want to bring your lunch or if a “donation lunch” is available, bring money for lunch. Sometimes, there will be a list of local restaurants, stores, etc where you can get lunch. This list is usually at Gate.

How can you get involved in your local group?

Your chatelaine can direct you to local events and guild meetings.  In the meantime, here are some ways you can get involved.

  • Attend a local council meeting.  These are your local area’s monthly business meeting. Council Meetings in Lyondemere are typically the 2nd Monday of the month. They are held at the El Segundo Public Library in the downstairs in the meeting room.  There, we discuss upcoming events, information about upcoming guild meetings (dates, topics, where it will be held), talk about local practices and topics relating to the Barony.
  • Join the Lyondemere Facebook Group. We post upcoming events and general questions in the barony group.  It’s a great way to find out about upcoming meetings, events, and practices.
  • Join the Kingdom Facebook Group. You will be able to find out what events are happening and where!  If you’re ready to get involved, the Kingdom FB Group will certainly draw you in.
  • Join the Newcomers e-mail group on yahoogroups. The newcomers list is a great way to ask questions to the Chatelaine and Deputy Chatelaine in one shot.  There are also archived e-mail conversations that you can check for any questions you may have that have already been answered.
  • The local barony is Lyondemere and it encompasses the coastal cities in Los Angeles County:
  • Lyondemere is located in the Kingdom of Caid:  On this website, you can see our current Monarchs, look at the Kingdom Calendar and look up general information about the Kingdom.
  • More newcomer’s information:
  • This is the Subscribe email for the newcomer’s list on Yahoo Groups:
  • Click here for a list of commonly used SCA terms
  • Any additional questions, please feel free to contact our chatelaine, Lady Etiennette Dubord dite Desmarais –
  • Please also check out the SCA Newcomer’s Portal for a wealth of information for those new to the SCA, or who are curious about what it is that we do.

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