Meetings and Practices

COVID-19 protocols include sign-in procedures when attending events in-person

There are a number of meetings, workshops, or practices held throughout the month for your participation. Most of them do not require any special costuming or equipment, with the exception of the martial arts. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the officers and coordinators.


  • Baronial Council Meetings (Virtual for now, first Monday of the month, 7 PM) – Join us on the first Monday of every month for our Baronial Council meeting. Meetings are open to everyone. Officers and Guilds report on the month’s events, and general information about upcoming events is discussed. See Calendar for how to get the Zoom link. No costuming required. Questions? Contact the Seneschal –

Arts & Sciences

  • Scribal Nights, First and Third Tuesdays at 7 PM (Virtual via Zoom) – Some weeks there are classes, discussions and more formal guidance. There is a Facebook event with more details, however, if you are not on Facebook, please feel free to reach out to Aliskye directly for more details and how to get more involved.  No experience is required to take part.

Martial Arts and Fighter Practices

  • Archery Practice Thursdays at 7 PMBACK IN-PERSON! Weeknight Lyondemere Archery Practice will be held at Rancho Park on Thursdays starting around 7 PM. Loaner gear is available by prior arrangement, please contact the Captain of Archers to inquire (email below). Free lessons for beginners. As always, all archers of Caid are welcome to participate. Please contact the Captain of Archers at if you have any questions.
    • Rancho Park Archery Range can be found at 2551 Motor Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90064. Come in on the parking lot marked with the Archery Range sign. Drive past the front lot to the back lot and park.
  • Archery Practice Sundays at 12:30 PM BACK IN-PERSON! Beginning 7/25/21; Weekend Lyondemere Archery Practice will be held at El Dorado Park on Sundays starting around 12:30 PM and continuing until 4:30 PM. Practices will not be held when conflicting with other official events or when temperatures exceed 99 degrees. 
    • Loaner gear is available. Free lessons for beginners. As always, all archers of Caid are welcome to participate. Please contact the Captain of Archers at if you have any questions.
    • Everyone needs to register before practice or sign in at practice by using this link only: 
    • Location: El Dorado Park (north of Spring Street), El Dorado Regional Park, 7550 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA, 90815
      Turn left after entering the park, the range will be on the next right. Carpooling is encouraged, as there is a $7 parking fee at this site, and a yearly pass is also available for $65.
  • Fighter Practices Wednesdays (both Armored Combat and Rapier Fencing, El Segundo), every Wednesday at 7:30 PM – BACK IN-PERSON! El Segundo Recreation Park, 401 Sheldon Street, El Segundo, CA 90245 (link on Google maps) If you have questions about armored combat, please contact the Marshal – If you have questions about rapier combat (fencing), please contact the Rapier Marshal –