Lyondemere Arts & Sciences People’s Choice – 2021

Arts & Sciences: Lyondemere is looking for Their champions! Lyondemere will be picking Their champions through all the electronic submissions. There will also be a People’s Choice to be awarded. The guidelines were to share with us any newer (within the last 2 years), completed arts or science project with documentation. Extra points will go towards the submission that follows along with the “Story time” theme.

Scroll through the photos here, or view directly in Google Photos

Entry Documentation

  • Covid Dance Calendar: Snapshots of a Modern Middle Age – documentation here (with photos in the documentation)
  • Rabbit Fur Mittensdocumentation here (photos in the album above)
  • Cross Stitch Trim with Story/Filk (from a 16th century pattern) – documentation here (photos in the album above)
  • Baselard Dagger reproductiondocumentation here (photos in the album above)
  • Hand-stitched 16th Century shirtdocumentation here (photos in the album above)
  • Drawings of Drolleries from illuminated manuscripts – documentation here (photos in the album above)
  • Leather Sheath for a Kitchen Cleaverdocumentation here (photos in the album above)

Lyondemere A&S Champion

Her Ladyship Ciorstan MacAmhlaidh for the Hand-stitched 16th Century shirt