LyonBard Contest at Arts and Archery – Sun, Jan 21, 2018

Bards are the keepers of our history. Without them our glories would fade faster then they were accomplished. As such all strong baronies need a bard to keep and tell the stories of the land. Lyondemere has the LyonBard, and it is a job that changes every year.

The contest to determine this prized position is held at Arts and Archery – Sun, January 21, 2018.

All bards are welcome to enter, though the winner will be expected to represent Lyondemere in the Bardic Community, perform at Yule and possibly other Lyondemere events, and run the contest to determine your successor.

Lyondemere Arts and Archery will be packed with contests: QC Archery, Baronial Arts and Science Champion, and the LyonBard contest! It is the desire of Their Excellencies that bards wishing to serve as LyonBard prepare only one SCA-appropriate piece to perform, so make it your best!

All bardic performances are welcome, songs, stories, poems, instrumental pieces, etc. They should be from or about the current or actual middle-ages and renaissance. Documentation is welcome but not required. Children will be present, so pieces should be family-friendly. (PG-13)

The LyonBard is given a honorary position on the Baronial Retinue and in given entry to Lyondemere events. They are expected to perform at Their Excellencies request, and should have something prepared for Anniversary and Yule. They are also expected to run the contest to determine their successor – traditionally at Arts & Archery.



Potential contestants should contact the current LyonBard (Meala Caimbeul and make her aware of you desire to compete.