LyonBard Contest at Arts and Archery – Sun, Jan 21, 2018

Bards are the keepers of our history. Without them our glories would fade faster then they were accomplished. As such all strong baronies need a bard to keep and tell the stories of the land. Lyondemere has the LyonBard, and it is a job that changes every year.

The contest to determine this prized position is held at Arts and Archery – Sun, January 21, 2018.

All bards are welcome to enter, though the winner will be expected to represent Lyondemere in the Bardic Community, perform at Yule and possibly other Lyondemere events, and run the contest to determine your successor.

Those interested in the position should prepare three SCA and family-appropriate (PG-rated) pieces to be performed at Arts and Archery.

  1. Something documentable to pre-1650, or a self-composed piece in a style documentable to pre-1600. Documentation required.
  2. An original composition inspired by or evoking the symbols, people, or lands of Lyondemere. Documentation recommended.
  3. Bard’s Choice – Show us your best. While it should be something plausible for a pre-1600 society, it need not have documentation.
  • Musicians, singers, poets, storytellers, and all manner of bards are invited to compete.
  • Please keep the total time of your three pieces under 15 minutes. Entrants must perform at least one piece them self, solo.
  • Original compositions can be performed by others.
  • One entry of the three can be performed by a group that includes the Entrant. Such performances can include only ONE entrant per piece.

If there are any questions, please contact the current LyonBard, THLady Meala Caimbeul, she is prolific on the Book of Faces and her email is