Lyonbard Competition 2021

The first Lyonbard competition was held in 2002 at Lyondemere’s Yule. This position was created to encourage excellence in historical performance arts, and to encourage original compositions done in an historical manner. Now 19 years later, we are looking for our new Lyonbard at Lyondemere and Gyldenholt’s Virtual Anniversary which is coming up Saturday June 26, 2021.

The theme of the day is “Story Time,” and any medium is welcome such as singing, dance, traditional storytelling, puppet performances, or whatever can be performed. We are looking for two submissions, one which can be prepared before the event, and the second, we would be asking for someone to create something that day, during the event. Extra points if they involve Lyondemere’s history and past.

Are you interested in taking on such a challenge? Please check out Lyondemere and Gyldenholt Virtual Anniversary – June 26, 2021