June and July In-Person Events in Caid

Message from the Kingdom
Posted by Alexander Caidus to the Kingdom of Caid, June 3, 2020

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. A phrase in which these times demand we live by. In hoping for the best, as We have stated from the very beginning, HRM and I will make decisions for Caid after We have received as much information as possible. Last month We were forced to postpone all SCA events for the month of June and now in June We must postpone all the events for the month of July.

In continuing to hope for the best HRM and I will NOT cancel events in the long term. We will continue to evaluate where We are at the end of each month and determine at that point what course We must take. As everyone should, We keep hope that perhaps a vaccine/cure may be found and hopefully We will be able to reunite with Our chosen family very soon. Still, this does not mean We should be foolish and think that cure will arrive tomorrow. Most likely, it will not.

Thus, We must also prepare for the worst. In evaluating Our situation, and assuming the worst case scenario of a vaccine 18 months out We must prepare ourselves for that eventuality. It is important to Us that everyone understand Our mindset when it comes to Our decisions for the Kingdom. We took an oath to protect each and every member of Our populace and We are not willing to risk a single life. We are well aware that not everyone is as concerned with this pandemic as some. Still, if Our choice is inconveniencing people versus risking even one life, the choice is simple for us to make.

With this said, We have decided to maintain Our continued postponement process to whatever county in Caid has the highest restrictions. You will not be able to travel from Los Angeles to Bakersfield to have an event, if Los Angeles is still locked down. Even if Bakersfield is completely open. The state must be open for us all before We are willing to stop postponing events (assuming California has the highest restrictions as it currently does. We will of course take into consideration HI and NV should their restrictions increase above that of CA). With regard to Our Heirs and coronation, We have spoken with the BOD, other Royalty from other Kingdoms, Our officers and Our Heirs. Her Majesty and I have toiled over this issue for months now and it is time for a decision to be made. We and our Heirs are in full agreement that we do not want a virtual coronation. We shall ask the BOD for a variance to extend our reign (It should be noted that this is happening in several other Kingdoms as well). Each month we shall evaluate if We can safely have a coronation and when that time arrives is when We shall move forward with those plans.

Her Majesty and I fully understand that We cannot rule forever. This reign has already taken a large emotional toll on us both. Still, We are both steadfast and ready to continue to insure the safety of Our Kingdom and to make sure our Heirs are not given a Kingdom in chaos. In conjunction with the wishes of Our Heirs We are in complete agreement, that if we must continue to keep postponing events, at some point it will makes sense to simply continue our reign through one more cycle and allow our Heirs to step up in January.