Call for Letters of Intent to be Next Baronial Heads

Greetings Lyondemere!

At Yule on December 3, 2022, Baron Guillem and Baroness Arwen announced that they would be looking looking for heirs to be the next Baronial Heads of Lyondemere.

We are now taking letters of intent from candidate couples. The next Baronial Heads of Lyondemere do not need to be any specific gender singly or as a pair. Baron AND/OR Baroness — any pair of two people may send in their Letters of Intent.

Please send in a letter with the following information.

  • Your Modern Names
  • Your SCA Names
  • Your current mailing address
  • Your current membership number and membership expiration
  • A short description of why you would like to step up as Baronage

The only real requirements? You must both be paid members and willing to serve as the Baronial heads of the Barony. Your letters of intent must be sent in by or before Friday, February 3, 2023.

Please send your letters of intent to

Most sincerely, Eilidh (seneschal) and Guillem and Arwen (baronial heads)