Caid Archery Open 25th Anniversary on 10/15

Sunday, October 15, 2017

An invitation to all archers in the known world: Come celebrate with us the 25th Anniversary of the Caid Archery and Thrown Weapons Tournament. Since 1992, this tournament has given all archers the chance to show both their skill and their endurance. As an Open, all persons in the known world are encouraged to participate no matter their rank, status, or privilege.

For the celebration of this milestone, not one but two tournaments will be provided.

  • 25th Anniversary CAID Archery and Thrown Weapons Open
  • 1st Lyondemere Archery Open and Archery Handicap

Caid Open Archery and Thrown Weapons

Caid Open Archery and Thrown Weapons Tournament will consist of three competitions:

  • Open Bow
  • Period Bow
  • Thrown Weapons

The Open Bow and Period Bow archery competitions are each double-elimination Royal Round tournament-style events. The rules are basic. Each archer is paired like a fighting match. The only scores of concern during each round are between the archer and their opponent. An archer who has two losses is out of the competition. All other archers continue competing until one remains and is declared the CAID Open Champion.

The Open and Period bow competitions will be staggered. This will allow any archer who so wishes to compete in both.

Late arriving archers may still compete as long as they are ready to shoot and are signed in to lists before the second round of the tournament has begun.

The Thrown Weapons competition is a single Royal Round. The competitor with the best score of the day will be declared Champion.

Lyondemere Archery Open

The Lyondemere Archery Open will be shot at the same time as the Caid Open and is a prelude to the Lyondemere Archery Handicap.

  • Archers each shoot four Royal Rounds. No elimination.
  • Awards will be given out for the best cumulative scores in each of the Archery Rankings: Novice, Bowman, Yeoman, Forester, Bowmaster, and Royal Bowmaster. An additional prize will be awarded to the archer who improves their current Ranking by the most points.
  • Archer’s scores from the Caid Open are counted toward this tournament.
  • Only each archer’s first four Royal Rounds from the Caid Open will count. Any archer who is eliminated from the Caid Open before completing four Royal Rounds will be given the opportunity to complete as many rounds as is needed.

Any archer who arrives too late to compete in the Caid Open will still be eligible to compete in the Lyondemere Open and Handicap. Late arrivers will be given the opportunity to shoot four Royal Rounds.

Lyondemere Archery Handicap

This will consist of several mini-competitions. Archers may compete in as many or few of these mini-competitions as they wish. Each archer may compete in each competition as many times as they like but only their best score will count.

Each mini-competition will have one winner, but with a twist. As in golf, each archer will be given a handicap. Lower ranked archers will add points to their scores while higher ranked archers will have points taken away.

For the purpose of the tournament, each archer will have a ranking for the day: Novice, Bowman, Yeoman, Forester, Bowmaster, or Royal Bowmaster

Any archer may compete in the Handicap. Archers who shot four Royal Rounds earlier in the day will be given their rank for the day based on their scores from those rounds. Archers who have not shot in the Royal Round competitions will use their highest rank as shown on the SCA Scores website. Archers who are unranked and who have not shot four Royal Rounds earlier will compete as a Forester.

Handicaps will be different for each mini-competition. For example, the Dragon Hunt competition may have a possible maximum score of 90. For this the handicaps might be as follows.

  • Novice – add 30 points
  • Bowman – add 15 points
  • Yeoman – add 5 points
  • Forester – subtract 5 points
  • Bowmaster – subtract 15 points
  • Royal Bowmaster – subtract 30 points

The Lyondemere Archery Handicap will start after the Caid Open has completed its first four rounds and rankings for the day have been determined. It is anticipated that this will be sometime after noon.

Archers must be authorized in order to compete. Authorizations will be performed from 8-9 AM and as time permits throughout the day.


  • Range Opens for Practice: 8 AM
  • Lists Opens: 8 AM
  • CAID Open Archery Start Time: 9 AM
  • Opening Court: 10:30 AM
  • Lyondemere Archery Handicap: 12 PM
  • Closing Court and Awards Presentations: 4 PM
  • (Times are approximate)

Site Fee: $5 dollars for SCA members, $10 for non-members

Event Site:  Woodley Park Archery Range, Van Nuys, CA 91436 (link to Google maps)

Event Stewards: Lord Miguel de Granada and THLord Paganus Grimlove –

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