Baronial Progress in 2018

The following events are on the calendar for the Baron and Baroness to attend in Caid during 2018.

Upcoming Baronial Progress

  • Saturday, June 23 – Coronation / 40 Year Celebration (al Sahid / Victorville)
  • Saturday, July 14 – Royal Champion (Calafia / UC San Diego)
  • Saturday, July 21 – Lyondemere 40th Anniversary (Lyondemere / Torrance)
  • Sunday, August 12 – Cast Iron Chef Lyondemere
  • Thursday, August 30–September 2 – Highland War (tentative) (al Sahid / Victorville)
  • Saturday, September 8 – Angels Anniversary/Investiture (Angels / Monrovia)
  • Saturday, September 15 – Crown Tournament (Altavia)
  • Tuesday, October 2–8 – Great Western War (Wintermist / Taft)
  • Saturday, October 27 – Dreiburgen Anniversary
  • Saturday, November 3 – Calafia Anniversary/Investiture
  • Saturday, November 10 – Naevehjem Anniversary/Investiture
  • Sunday, December 2 – Lyondemere / Gyldenholt Yule (Gyldenholt)
  • Saturday, January 5, 2019 – 12th Night / Coronation (Lyondemere)

Lyondemere Anniversary – July 21, 2018

The Barony of Lyondemere invites one and all to celebrate its 40th Birthday!

Yes, we’re turning 40 and we’re having a party! Come enjoy the cool breezes as our guest in the barony by the sea. Everyone is invited! We’ll have food, games, prizes, and of course a TOURNAMENT!

Harken back to the days of Lyondemere of old with fun and games from “the olden days.” We’ll have a flat cap toss, poetry and posies, the ever-popular “Inferno Tourney,” and a guess-that-heraldry contest.

There will be lists in armored and rapier combat to determine the baronial champions. Specific format will be decided on the number of entrants. A Champion is the Baronial representative to the martial community; prospective champions should be prepared to answer questions, respond to challenges, and likewise represent their martial art to the Baron and Baroness. Lyondemere champions are given an honorary position on the Baronial retinue and their Lyondemere gate fees are covered for the length of their service. Please consider these responsibilities and privileges when making your decision to enter the list, especially if you are already the champion of another barony.

Lunch will be provided free of charge to everyone in attendance!

Lyondemere Anniversary wouldn’t be complete without our Basket Drawing fundraiser. There will be many beautiful items, most of them handmade by our talented artisans, on which to use your tickets. And since there is no registration fee and we’re providing lunch, we hope you’ll be generous with your ticket purchases! Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. We are grateful for your participation in our annual fundraiser.

Event Site: North High School, 3260 W 182nd St. Torrance, CA 90504

Registration: FREE TO ALL

Event Steward: Mistress Finella Harper

Time: 8 AM to 6 PM

Facebook Event

Polling Letter for Cassandre and Anabel

Below you can find the polling letter for Cassandre and Anabel.

This PDF allows you to complete the fields electronically and then submit. In the “Additional Comments” field, you can type as much as you like, but only what fits within the box will display when printed. If you need more room, you can attach a separate note before mailing your poll response.

Please return before June 30, 2018 via mail, email, or private message to:

  • Master Christian de Guerre
    Christian Steen
    14583 Mission St.
    Hesperia, CA 92345
  • Or submit via email to

Thank you, Magistra Claudia Prima, Seneschal of Lyondemere

Download the Polling Letter for Cassandre and Anabel


Date Change: April Baronial Council Meeting

The El Segundo Library room where we usually hold our Council meeting is not available on April 9 due to election prep for the following day.

Baronial Council in April will be held on the following Monday at 7:30 PM, in the regular room in the basement of the El Segundo Library. Please feel free to meet us there on Monday, April 16, 2018.

Baronial Meetings are held monthly and are for anyone interested in attending. Modern clothing is appropriate. Feel free to bring your non-messy art projects with you, or just your regular self. You’ll hear about the latest workshops, fighter practices, upcoming events, meet the officers and populace of the barony, and possibly find opportunities for your own volunteering and involvement.

LyonBard Contest at Arts and Archery – Sun, Jan 21, 2018

Bards are the keepers of our history. Without them our glories would fade faster then they were accomplished. As such all strong baronies need a bard to keep and tell the stories of the land. Lyondemere has the LyonBard, and it is a job that changes every year.

The contest to determine this prized position is held at Arts and Archery – Sun, January 21, 2018.

All bards are welcome to enter, though the winner will be expected to represent Lyondemere in the Bardic Community, perform at Yule and possibly other Lyondemere events, and run the contest to determine your successor.

Lyondemere Arts and Archery will be packed with contests: QC Archery, Baronial Arts and Science Champion, and the LyonBard contest! It is the desire of Their Excellencies that bards wishing to serve as LyonBard prepare only one SCA-appropriate piece to perform, so make it your best!

All bardic performances are welcome, songs, stories, poems, instrumental pieces, etc. They should be from or about the current or actual middle-ages and renaissance. Documentation is welcome but not required. Children will be present, so pieces should be family-friendly. (PG-13)

The LyonBard is given a honorary position on the Baronial Retinue and in given entry to Lyondemere events. They are expected to perform at Their Excellencies request, and should have something prepared for Anniversary and Yule. They are also expected to run the contest to determine their successor – traditionally at Arts & Archery.



Potential contestants should contact the current LyonBard (Meala Caimbeul and make her aware of you desire to compete.

Lyondemere/Gyldenholt Yule Basket Raffle – 12/9

Greetings Good Gentles,

At this years Lyondemere/Gyldenholt Yule “Season of Love” we are focusing on giving and showing care for our fellow man. In our efforts, we will be holding a food drive and a basket raffle where the proceeds will assist our SCA friends in the Kingdom of the West that have been negatively impacted by the recent wild fires. So, this is what we are doing.

  • Raffle tickets will be $1 each or 6 for $5
  • If you would like to donate a $10 Grocery Store or Visa Gift Card for, you will receive 15 raffle tickets.
  • Any canned or non perishable food donations will receive 1 ticket per item and donations will be given to a local food bank.

I know we have many generous artisans and giving folks out there. Your help is needed here.

If you are interested in helping by donating an item for the raffle, please contact us at

We are looking for new or gently used items that would make good gifts should the winner wish to do so. Hand-crafted and home-made items are always wanted. Other suggested items could be crafting items, books, or SCA-related items. We could also use experience tickets. I will be donating two tickets to the Disneyland resort.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Baroness Eva filia Edeneweyn

Calling Photographers for Yule 12/9

Greetings, dear Barony. To all who plan to be at the Lyondemere/Gyldenholt Yule on December 9, I could really use your assistance. I need a few volunteers to help take photos of the event that would be appropriate for the website.

Please send a note to if you can help with this task, as I will not be at the event.

Most sincerely, Dame Eilidh Swann

Queen’s Champion Archery and Thrown Weapons, Lyondemere Arts and Archery – Sun, Jan 21, 2018

Two Events in One!

Caid Queen’s Champion Archery and Thrown Weapons Tournament

Lyondemere Arts and Archery Competition

When: January 21, 2018
Where: Woodley Park Archery Range, Van Nuys, CA 91436
Facebook Event
Link on Google Maps

Adult Registration – $10.00
Adult Member Registration – $5.00
Make checks payable to SCA Inc./Barony of Lyondemere

The Barony of Lyondemere is pleased to host Queen’s Champion Archery and Thrown Weapons, at which Her Royal Highness (soon to be Majesty), Sigriᵭr will determine her Archery and Thrown Weapon champions as well as Youth Archery and Youth Thrown Weapons champions. The Baronial Archery and Thrown Weapons championships and youth championships will occur the same day. Please note that SCA membership is required for those who wish to compete for the Queen’s Championships, and that onsite consorts are not mandatory in order to compete. Archery finalists will be determined by preliminary shoots for both archery competitions, with finals conducted in the afternoon. Thrown weapons will go through the morning with finals at Her Majesty’s pleasure in the afternoon.

Please Note: Sunset is at 5:12 pm and there are no lights in the park or parking lot. Please plan accordingly!

The Barony of Lyondemere is pleased to announce that it is once again time to choose our new champions for Archery and Arts, plus Thrown Weapons and Bardic! All are welcome to participate for the honor of representing Lyondemere as the Baronial Archery Champion, Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion, or Lyon Bard.


  • 8:00 AM – Site Opens
  • 8:30 AM – Early Bird Archery Competition
  • 11:00 AM – Lyondemere Archery Champion
  • 1:30 PM – Lyondemere Thrown Weapons Champion
  • 1:30 PM – Queen’s Champion (Archery & Thrown)
  • 2:00 PM – Lyondemere A&S Champion
  • TBD – Lyondemere Bardic Champion

All archers must be authorized to compete. Authorizations will occur during the day as time allows.


Event Stewards: Lord Bubba of Wolfhou and Mistress Mary Taran of Glastonbury –

Arts Competitions

There will also be a people’s choice arts competition for those who wish to display their skill but not enter in the championship competition.

The Lyondemere Art and Science Champion is judged on three entries. All entries should be recent, completed in the past year, and are expected to be documented. Because the judging is to be “’blind” please do NOT put names, or any other identifying marks, on entries or documentation. Entrants will be given a number to identify each entry at List. Please submit a brief description of your entries for arts champion by January 12th, to our minister of arts so she can arrange suitable judges for your work: All bards and performers are encouraged to participate! The Barony of Lyondemere appreciates and encourages all levels of participation, regardless of experience.

Rules for the Lyon Bard competition are below. Please contact The Honorable Lady Meala Caimbeul with any questions. (Contact information below.)

All those who enter the list for the baronial archery championship AND participate in Arts will require double elimination in the championship shoot.

Site Informatoin

There is no need for pavilions for there are many tables and natural shade provided by the park. Everyone is encouraged to bring chairs as seating at the tables is limited. Sorry, no pets. Merchants are allowed with prior arrangement with the event steward.


The Honorable Lady Meala Caimbeul will prepare a pancake breakfast for a small donation and the Lyondemere Cook’s guild will be preparing a light lunch for the populace. Suggested donations are $5. Please bring your feast gear!


Woodley Park is bordered by Victory Blvd. on the North and Burbank Blvd. on the South. The site is west of the 405 Fwy.

From the South: 405 Fwy North to Burbank Blvd exit. Go west on Burbank, turn right onto Woodley Ave. Head North, turn right on the road leading to the Japanese Garden. With the Japanese Garden on your left, head past the cricket field on your left. At the small traffic circle, veer to the right and head 3/4 of the way around the circle and exit to the north. The archery range is up the hill.

From the East: 101 Fwy South (which is actually heading west), transition to the 405 Fwy North, then follow the directions above. From the North: 405 Fwy South. Go south to Victory Blvd., turn right (west) onto Victory Blvd., then West to Woodley Ave. Turn left onto Woodley Ave and left at the road leading to the Japanese Garden. Follow the directions above.

LyonBard Competition

Bards are the keepers of our history. Without them our glories would fade faster then they were accomplished. As such all strong baronies need a bard to keep and tell the stories of the land. Lyondemere has the LyonBard, and it is a job that changes every year.

The contest to determine this prized position is held at Arts and Archery – Sun, January 21, 2018.

All bards are welcome to enter, though the winner will be expected to represent Lyondemere in the Bardic Community, perform at Yule and possibly other Lyondemere events, and run the contest to determine your successor.

Those interested in the position should prepare three SCA and family-appropriate (PG-rated) pieces to be performed at Arts and Archery.

  1. Something documentable to pre-1650, or a self-composed piece in a style documentable to pre-1600. Documentation required.
  2. An original composition inspired by or evoking the symbols, people, or lands of Lyondemere. Documentation recommended.
  3. Bard’s Choice – Show us your best. While it should be something plausible for a pre-1600 society, it need not have documentation.
  • Musicians, singers, poets, storytellers, and all manner of bards are invited to compete.
  • Please keep the total time of your three pieces under 15 minutes. Entrants must perform at least one piece them self, solo.
  • Original compositions can be performed by others.
  • One entry of the three can be performed by a group that includes the Entrant. Such performances can include only ONE entrant per piece.

If there are any questions, please contact the current LyonBard, THLady Meala Caimbeul, she is prolific on the Book of Faces and her email is

This event is sponsored by the Kingdom of Caid, which is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism. More information can be found on our website here,