Announcement regarding Baron and Baroness

Announcement from the Lyondemere Seneschal

For those who missed tonight’s Council meeting:

I would first like to thank all of the candidates who offered letters of intent for the Baronage of Lyondemere. Conchobhar, Seraphina, and I have interviewed all the candidates and, after consultation with the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal have elected to place Cassandre Loustaunau and Anabel de Marseille as Reeves of Lyondemere effective immediately.

However… Their Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal have asked Conchobhar and Seraphina to stay on as Baron and Baroness for at least two years to help stabilize the barony. After careful consideration Conchobhar and Seraphina have agreed to stay on. There WILL be a vote of confidence polling for them which will be sent out before the end of this month.

Before Cassandre and Anabel are placed as Baroness and Baroness there will be another vote of confidence polling no earlier than six months prior to their stepping up.

Please feel free to contact me or Their Excellencies with any questions.

Claudia Prima
Seneschal, Lyondemere