Announcement: Heirs of Lyondemere

Greetings Lyondemere!

The results of the Baronial polling are in and blessings given by The Crown have been received! It is with deep gratitude and delight that we introduce our Heirs: Sir Gareth Somerset and THL Alatiel Alatiel de Beaumont of Reading-wood. We have every confidence that they will lead Lyondemere with grace, honor, and chivalry. Congratulations to our new Reeves! Huzzah!!

Yours in Service,
Arwen and Guillem, Baron and Baroness of Lyondemere

From Dame Eilidh, Seneschal:

Please join me in welcoming Sir Gareth and Her Ladyship Alatiel as they take up the role of Heirs and will be made the next Baron and Baroness at Lyondemere Anniversary, Saturday June 3, 2023. I look forward to working with them, and the whole barony, as we continue to grow throughout the years.

THLady Alatiel and Sir Gareth