Lyon Bard

Lyon Bard Competition

Each year, we hold the Annual Lyon Bard competition. The first competition was held in 2002. This position was created to encourage excellence in historical performance arts, and to encourage original compositions done in an historical manner. The primary responsibilities as Lyon Bard include composing new material at the request of Their Excellencies, often In honor of or in praise of the Kingdom, Her Monarchs, The Barony, and other praiseworthy topics. You need not be the most accomplished musician in the world, simply have a love for composing and performing to the glory of the Barony, and an interest in historical bardic forms.

Current Lyon Bard

  • 19th Lyon Bard 2021 – Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios

Lyon Bards in History

  • 18th Lyon Bard 2020 – Silenus of Mycenae
  • 17th Lyon Bard 2019 – Finella Harper
  • 16th Lyon Bard 2018 – Mary Dedwydd verch Gwallter
  • 15th Lyon Bard 2017 – Meala Caimbeul
  • 14th Lyon Bard 2016 – Cormac Mór
  • 13th Lyon Bard 2015 – Colette la trouvere
  • 12th Lyon Bard 2014 – Robin Greenwood of Arden
  • 11th Lyon Bard 2012 – Wulfric Forlong Falconhurst
  • 10th Lyon Bard 2011 – Angharat Goch Verch Gwenhover
  • 9th Lyon Bard 2010 – Avicia De Na Baiona
  • 8th Lyon Bard 2009 – Cecilia Lightfoot
  • 7th Lyon Bard 2008 – Caitlin Christiana Wintour
  • 6th Lyon Bard 2007 – Beathog nic Dhonnchaidh (pronounced BAY-oak)
  • 5th Lyon Bard 2006 – Domhnall mac Pharlain (pronouced DOLE)
  • 4th Lyon Bard 2005 – Eilidh Swann Stralachlan
  • 3rd Lyon Bard 2004 – Elizaveta (Lilya) Arievna Lebedeva
  • 2nd Lyon Bard 2003 – Arthur FitzRobert of Wiverneweald
  • Premier Lyon Bard 2002 – Finella Harper

Former Lyon Bards

Finella, Arthur, Elizaveta, Eilidh,
Domhnall, Beathog, Caitlin, Cecilia,
Angharat, Wulfric, Robin, Colette,
Cormac, Meala, Mary,
Finella, and Silenus

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