Baronial Heads

Baronial Heads

Baron Guillem Cosinier and Baroness Arwen Baird were invested at Lyondemere Investiture and Anniversary (Virtual) on June 20, 2020

Baron Guillem Cosinier and Baroness Arwen Baird

2018-2019 Champions

  • Armored Combat: Duke Sven Örfhendur
  • Rapier: THLord Garrick Thomas Atwell
  • Archery Adult: Emma Cardiganshire
  • Thrown Weapons: Brian from Nordwache
  • Arts & Sciences Adult: Lady Emma Cardiganshire
    Arts & Sciences Youth: Charlie of Gyldenholt
  • Arts & Sciences (People’s Choice): THLord Æduin of Skye

Lyon Bard

  • 16th Lyon Bard (2018-2019): Mistress Mary Dedwydd ferch Gwallter

Cast Iron Chef Lyondemere

  • 9th Cast Iron Chef (2018): Lady Kong Lian, Team Copper Cauldron

Previous Champions