Welcome to Lyondemere!

Baron Conchobhar and Baroness Seraphina at Lyondemere Arts and Archery/QC Archery and Thrown Weapons, 2018

The Barony of Lyondemere is the local chapter of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is a non-profit 501(c) society dedicated to research and re-creation of elements of the Middle Ages and Renaissance history. The Barony is also the parental group for the Noe College, the SCA branch at Cal State University of Long Beach (CSULB). We are also a part of the Kingdom of Caid, one of twenty “kingdoms” or major geographical units of the SCA. There are an estimated 30,000+ people involved in the SCA around the world.

The Barony of Lyondemere hosts up to an average of 10-15 or more meetings, workshops (such as cooking, dancing, costuming, arts), and fighter practices a month, and between 3-5 major events a year. (Check our Meetings Schedule)

Council Meetings are held once a month, during which we discuss business items. Arts and Sciences vary in topic from month to month, but are a mix of hands-on and lecture-type workshops, varying from beginner to advanced skill sets in different arts and sciences forms. Fighter practice (Wednesdays) encompasses both Armored Combat (sometimes called Heavy Weapons) and Rapier Fencing. Armored Combat is an “unchoreographed martial art,” recreating swordplay of the middle ages, using rattan swords, shields, and a variety of other secondary weapons. Rapier Fencing is medieval fencing in the round. Archery practices (target archery) are held on Sundays.

Accepting Letters of Intent

As was announced at Lyondemere’s October Baronial Meeting, effective immediately the bidding process will be opened for the populace to submit their letters of intent to serve as Baronial leaders. We would like to have all submissions to the Kingdom Seneschal and Lyondemere’s Baronial Seneschal by November 15, 2019.

Please send submissions to:

After we receive your letters, we will be reviewing and then, doing polls in order to pick our Reeve and Reevess. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Upcoming Baronial Progress

The following events are on the calendar for the Baron and Baroness to attend in Caid during 2020.

  • Saturday, January 04, 2020 – Coronation/12th Night (Angels / Arcadia)
  • Saturday, January 11 – Queen’s Champion (Carreg Wen / Lompoc)
  • Saturday, January 25 – Gyldenholt Unbelted (Gyldenholt / Orange County TBA)
  • Saturday, February 1 – Festival of the Rose (Calafia / San Diego)
  • Saturday, March 7 – Crown Tournament (Naevehjem / Ridgecrest)
  • Saturday, March 14 – Gyldenholt/Calafia Friendship Tourney (Orange County TBA)
  • Saturday, March 21 – Lyondemere Arts & Archery (Lyondemere, Woodley Park)